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Paul Jackson studied Marketing in the late 1980s and gained a Diploma of Business Studies from what is now known as WINTEC in Hamilton New Zealand. Paul cut his teeth at the coal face of bricks and mortar marketing in New Zealand, when mobile phones were the size of bricks, digital photography and the internet were yet to be. Paul worked at several plumbing and electrical wharehouses in sales and marketing - including being an early recipient of the Fletcher Challenge Graduate Integration Scheme in 1990. After heading to the UK for the big OE in 1991/ 1992 he returned to New Zealand to pay off the credit card.

In 1994 Paul moved to Melbourne to meet up with friends. Over the next 20 years Paul established his online marketing business across a range of websites. Paul continues to build new online businesses like and specialises in marketing for SMEs (small to medium enterprises) by offering a complete package and range of services including: online business creation, domain name management / website solutions, online marketing, managing online content, search engine optimisation, Google Adwords help and monthly management.

  • Product Launch and Media Services - 1990 Example
    Zip Zebra - Hamilton, New Zealand.

    1 hour delivery service for the company Zip Trading. Paul was working as a purchasing officer after completing his marketing studies. Taken into the company within the Fletcher Challenge Graduate Intergration Sc
  • Product Launch and Media Services - 2003 Example
    Example of service: Lunar Realty

    Pre-launch: Testing an innovative idea to launch this lunar website business in Australia. tests his moonsuit concept in Hobart.

    Later that week in Melbourne after four TV news stories, 38 radio

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