About Paul Jackson

About Paul Jackson primarily manufactures from China via our key Guangdong contact Jackie Lee in Jiangmen City. Paul's import help role has naturally developed after 20 years of travel, marketing, culture and language experience within the region.

Paul has spent time teaching English in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Asian business and culture experience is important. 

Paul also believes in the social obligation of business within the global community. We invite and encourage business partners to share a vision of equality for all.

2003-2004 donations to charities below $1426
2004-2005 donations to charities below $1724
2005-2006 donations to charities below $1436
2006-2007 donations to charities below $1371
2007-2008 donations to charities below $1486
2008-2009 donations to charities below $1492
2009 - 2015 - $1000 per year plus

World Vision Australia: Sponsoring 'Liberti' and 'Novi' in Indonesia. Education, health and community assistance through child sponsorship. By 2015 these sponsorships have both now ended with both girls graduating school - we wish them every success. We continue to provide a small monthly donation to assist ongoing emergency assistance to children in need.

Medecins Sans Frontieres: Field partner program assists teams providing effective and independent medical relief to the victims of wars, epidemics, famines and natural disasters.

Water Aid -  We've commenced donations to Water Aid in 2015 to help provide clean drinking water for so many people around the world who do not have this basic right.

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